The bespoke quilts are made with great thought and care, You give me your loved ones clothes and I strive to give you back something you can be very proud of, both in memories and quality.

The backing is usually the only material that does not come from your loved ones clothes, this is due to the size needed. It will always be a good quality cotton or flannel material. The wadding that I use (the middle layer of the quilt) is called Warm and Natural, which has no chemicals, glues or resins added to it like some cheaper waddings, so you know that it is gentle enough for even the youngest child. It is strong, durable, unbeatably soft. One of my other favourites is a Bambo wadding, it is a natural, antibacterial fibre and 100% biodegradable. This blend of cotton and bamboo combines the best qualities of both materials to make a luxuriously soft and durable wadding. No chemicals or bleach are used in the process.

The size of the quilts are approximately 90cm by 110cm, this is what I call lap size. I feel this size is the most versatile, it is big enough to display on any size bed, can be folded over the back of a chair or sofa, is lovely to snuggle under, and is a great size to be used when you are travelling or taking with you to a friends.

The price, due mainly to the time and effort given to the making of the quilt, is £300, which excludes any postage. I promise to give your quilt and memories 100% of my attention whilst completing the project.