Let me introduce you to Julie who has only been sewing for just over a year but has made a few quilts at beginners level., Julie runs the admin of 'A little bit of nice' but when times are busy she can be seen wielding a pair of scissors to keep us on track with orders.

I have known Karen for about 19 years and we have very similar tastes in what we like and together we have built a style that reflects our love for design and quality.

I have 2 daughters of whom I am very proud and have had many and varied jobs along the way, one which included driving a truck with many cages on the back around a warehouse which made for very interesting cornering!

I have always enjoyed being creative and have tried many crafts. I have always loved textiles but up until now could barely sew on a button!  My family therefore, particularly my Mum, are fascinated by the fact that I can actually make a quilt. They are nowhere near, and never will be, as beautiful as the one's that Karen designs and makes but I love doing it and get completely engrossed.

I am really looking forward to working alongside Karen and assisting her and our lovely clients to produce the beautiful and personal hand crafted items that so many people have already welcomed into their homes.