Testimonial from Connie Copland

"For me, the quilts tell a story of Dave's professional and personal life; with both of us serving in the RAF, they tell OUR story."

In my own view, quite simply, Karen has crafted two more masterpieces to add to her collection of already stunning Memory Quilts! There are no words adequate to describe the sheer joy of receiving such a beautiful and amazing piece of art and my friends would find it hard to believe that for once in my life, words really do fail me.  Whatever I do say will, I fear, be a repeat of the many wonderful testimonials which have gone before me and I doubt if mine will read quite as eloquently as that of my friend Bridget Males who I have to thank for putting me in touch with Karen. Whilst there are many words which will describe the visual beauty of each quilt, it is the emotion they evoke which catches you unawares. 

Whilst I have never met Karen personally, I have felt extremely close to her from my very first enquiry and until the day I received my quilts she was just a text away on the odd occasion when either of us needed a question answered. Being somewhat a control freak I admit to sending Karen about 3 pages of'information'  which I thought she might find useful in creating our quilts and was somewhat relieved that she did not feel offended.  That said, the artistic licence in the creation of them was always in Karen's capable hands; whilst my mother was gifted in the sewing department, this was never a gene I was blessed with so there was never going to be any great artistic thoughts coming from this quarter.

For me, the quilts tell a story of Dave's professional and personal life; with both of us serving in the RAF, they tell OUR story.  The devil is in the detail.  Dave was an RAF Policeman and the 'Snowdrop' depicts the name the RAF Police are known by - they wear white hats and the Snowdrop was also the flower of Remembrance before the Poppy.  The thistle is the button hole Dave wore on our wedding day and it sits on the tartan which was Dave's wedding kilt. He called me Poppet and I was always pestering him for a nightly foot massage which turned into a request for a 'Foot Wickle Love'; he always obliged. Equally, the quilt for his daughter Ayla tells their story - the little girl he referred to as Tuppence and the Dad who was always her Hero and in death, will always be her Angel.

Whilst it is tragedy and grief that prompts the journey to Karen's door, I am so very glad to have met her on my journey and feel blessed to own a memory quilt which was created by such a special person.  The love, passion and sensitivity in the creation of our quilts is evident.  Thank you Karen for giving Ayla and I a lasting legacy which is so fitting for Dave who would have approved of the use of his most prized possessions, and in particular the tatty old Adidas sweat shirt which I threatened to bin over many years, but thankfully never did!  I know it will become my constant companion in the absence of my wonderful, courageous husband - and as I snuggle under it, I can feel his arms wrap around me.  He is here x